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Golf Tip: Trajectory Control

By Brian Natzel

Trajectory Control is everything in the game of golf, especially in the short game. Practice with a sand wedge and play the ball forward in the stance, then in the middle of the stance, then in the back of the stance. This develops trajectory control which is essential for being able to fly the ball the correct distance in the air on pitch shots, as well as controlling the angle of descent which has a direct correlation to how much a ball will roll out or spin and stop. Other ways to improve trajectory control would include the varying amounts one can open their stance and/or the club face, finishing your swing with a low or high follow through, and/or the manipulation of your hands to either hold a club face open or shut it down through impact. Now, throw in all the different lies that present themselves, different amounts of carry vs. roll, and spin control that individual shots require; and one can certainly see that learning to control trajectory has some huge advantages to lowering scores.

If you would like to learn more on how trajectory control can help you lower your scores, please give us call. Working with a wedge around the greens is certainly my favorite part of the game and my favorite to teach. We sincerely enjoy helping students get better.

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Brian Natzel Brian Natzel, PGA, is the Director of Instruction at The Golf Academy at Swan Lake Resort. Brian leads The Golf Academy's PGA staff in the effort to take each students game to the next level by offering a wide variety of instruction and performance packages.

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